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The talkshoplive™ Developer API allows you to offer various fulfillment related services to our platform’s Sellers. Our main goal is to provide Sellers with automated fulfillment options and eCommerce transaction management.

App Store

Approved integrations will be listed in our App Store, where your service will be visible to thousands of established and up-and-coming brands selling products on TSL.

Brand Reps

Increase your Brand's visibility by inviting social influencers or brand representatives to sell your products on TSL. Our Developer API offers the ability to automate brand-rep on-boarding and monitor their sales data.


Access a Seller’s Order details on-demand or via a Webhook in order to provide fulfillment integrations. Especially useful for third-party logistics (3PL) providers and in-house fulfillment centers.


Developer API integration apps have the ability to provide eCommerce transaction services to Sellers. Track sales history, determine buyer demographics, and enable higher sales through TSL.