Shopify Features & FAQs


Live Shopping Page

When you install the TalkShopLive Shopify Sales Channel, you automatically get your own live shopping page added to your website. You may access this page from the Products page in the TalkShopLive app by clicking on the "View shows on your store’s live page" on the top right. This page will always be accessible by adding /apps/live to your website's URL. For instance

Theme Plugin

Our TalkShopLive Shopify Sales Channel app also includes a TalkShopLive Feed and TalkShopLive Player theme sections that will allow you to can include live shopping on any of your website’s pages. Best of all, you don’t need a TalkShopLive channel to use our new theme sections.


How do I earn money with the TalkShopLive Shopify integration?

The TalkShopLive Shopify app is a "Sales Channel" app. All sales transactions captured on our platform are processed directly through your shop using Shopify Payments. Therefore, you earn money the same way as when you sell products from your own storefront and all transactions appear in your Shopify Orders.

How do I access the TalkShopLive app after installation?

The TalkShopLive Shopify app is accessible from the Shopify dashboard's left-hand menu under "SALES CHANNELS".

How can I view only sales made with the TalkShopLive app?

All orders placed using the TalkShopLive platform are tagged with "talkshoplive". You may use the "More filters" option and filter by that tag or you can visit the Products page of the TalkShopLive app and click on the number in the Units Sold column to be directed to your Orders view with the filter already applied.

How does shipping work with the integration?

All shipping options and configurations are synchronized between your shop and TalkShopLive. Therefore, you will manage all shipping and fulfillment through your Shopify shop.

How do I make my products exclusive to the TalkShopLive Sales Channel app and exclude them from my Storefront or other sales channels?

From your product's modification page within the Shopify dashboard, under "Sales Channels and Apps" in the top-right sidebar, click "Manage". Uncheck all other Sales Channels besides TalkShopLive and ensure you have synced the product with TalkShopLive. Note: All products are available to the TalkShopLive Sales Channel app, but this does not necessarily mean they are synchronized. You must manually select which products you would like to sync from the Products page in the TalkShopLive Shopify app.

How do taxes work?

Taxes are calculated based on your Shopify shop's settings. So however you have chosen to setup your taxes in your Shopify shop will carry over to your TalkShopLive sales channel checkouts and transactions.

How do I go live after I’ve synced my products?

If you have not already scheduled a show, head to My Shows on our website and create a show (recommended at least 7 days in advance). If you schedule your show, then be prepared to upload a short promo video and thumbnail. Lastly, select the synced products you would like to sell in your show. Once your show has been published, your unique link will be generated to use as you promote the upcoming show to your audience.

If you have additional questions, please reach out to us at [email protected] and our support team will be happy to help you!