Shopify Prerequisites

The TalkShopLive Shopify Sales Channel App is free to install and has a free-to-use tier, and best of all, requires no technical skill or coding. Simply install the app, synchronize your products and "Go Live".

Sales of your synchronized products occur within the TalkShopLive platform and flow directly through your Shopify Orders, preserving your customer connections, fulfillment options and tax settings. This ensures that customers stay immersed in your live show during their checkout process.

Best of all, we are continually rolling out new features to make selling live your most powerful sales channel in a way that's fun and easy to use.

Before using our app, make sure your shop meets the following requirements:

  • Located in the United States. (Additional countries coming soon!)
  • Shopify Payments are enabled

Once you have confirmed that your shop settings are compatible with our app, you can begin the setup process.